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2 x Linco#5310-2 Mini-Cirrus Light Holder - Smooth Shape to Handle- Fire-resistant Plastic Socket (E26/E27) 2 x Linco#3402-2S Linco Pheno Silver Square Softbox Reflector Umbrella 24" x 24" - Premium High Quality - Highly Reflective Silver Material - Umbrella Style Softbox. - Time-Saving Design: 3 Seconds to Open; 3 Seconds to Install on Light Head 2 x Linco#8806L Linco Zenith 2m Light Weight Light Stand 2 x Linco#PP170050-1 Linco Professional Studio Light Bulb 40w 5500K

: Basic Photo Equipment for Photography Learning

: (2) x New Design Light Head with Smooth Shape to Handle and Fire-resistant Plastic Socket

: (2) x New Designed Pheno Softbox: to be a softbox or Reflector

: (2) x More Stable 2 Meter Light Stand than other competitors

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