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The internal USB hub increases your system's connectivity with internally connected USB 2.0 devices. Expand with 3 internal connectors and 2 external connectors, to connect the latest all-in-one liquid coolers, fan controllers, and lighting accessories. With a dedicated Molex power cable, the internal USB hub delivers sufficient power for all connected devices. Designed to be tucked away and installed quickly with a magnetic body and cable management straps, future-proofing your system for USB devices is a breeze.

: Never run out of USB Ports. The internal USB hub brings connectivity to your system allowing you to add more devices and eliminate your system's handicap

: Magnetic body and cable management straps provide a quick and Easy Installation

: Tested and Guaranteed to work with cam powered devices, including Kraken, grid , and HUE

: Wind the cables up with the included straps. System Requirements- Requires a USB 2.0 internal connector. Mounting- Magnets

: 1 x USB 2.0 header, 1 x Molex

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