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Fog is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. The visibility range in rainy and foggy days is so weak to cause traffic accidents. The lastest developed laser fog light works through the installation of a laser transmitter on the back of the vehicle to project red warning area with air and a red distance warning line to the ground in rainy and foggy weather. Compared with the traditional fog lights, it is easier to be found because of the laser high penetrating power. Besides, it can remind vehicles behind to maintain some safe distance. The laser beam emits downward with a certain inclination angel to avoid no direct exposure to the eyes. Open the light in the sunny weather, only can see a laser line projected on the ground., no need to worry about it will cover the vehicle license plate. Specifications: Laser wavelength: 650nm (red) Laser power: 30-500mw Working voltage: 8v-36v Working temperature: -20℃~60℃ The maximum adjustable angle: up and down 60 degree Waterproof grade: IPX4 Installation Position: Near to the back license plate lamp (Do not cover the license plate) Line connection: It can be connected with the circuits of the license plate lamps, rear fog light, brake lights or the hazard warning light. (Advice to connect with the rear fog light circuits) Applicable Type of Vehicles: It can be used for all kinds of trucks, coaches, SUVs and cars with 8V-36V voltage. Package contents: 1 x Laser Fog Light 1 x Pattern Lens 1 x Screw Set 1 x 3M Adhesive Tape 1 x User Manual (Note: the original lens is a red line, please replace the lens in the small round white box for pattern before installation).

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