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What to do with water beads 1. Sensory water beads sensory play is what water beads are best at. Kids of all ages love the feel and look of them. They are so enticing colorful, smooth, squishy, cool... Really, there's not much more you need to do with water beads than have a bowl full of them to plunge your hands into and hold and squish them. Water beads seem like magic to kids because the beads start out so tiny and grow within a few hours. Just watching the beads change is a fun activity for younger kids. 2. Decorating with water beads the most common use for water beads is in decorating. Use them in vases, bowls, and jars for eye appeal. They are great for centerpieces for weddings and other events. The water beads really add a wow factor that can turn ordinary vases and bowls into something beautiful. 3. Water beads for plants water beads are also great to use with plants. They help plants retain water and reduce the amount of watering plants need. They release the water gradually so the plant isn't flooded with water. The water beads can also act as a replacement for soil with some plants. Bamboo plants do well with water beads rather than soil. 4. Orbeez refill save money - use as an orbeez refill for orbeez luxury spa, giant orbeez body spa, orbeez soothing spa, orbeez foot spa chair, orbeez hand spa, orbeez mood lamp, or any other orbeez toys. 6. Therapy toy occupational therapy toys or sensory processing toys - these can be used as autism sensory toys for special needs. Play therapy toys have been shown to be effective as sensory processing disorder toys. Instructions simply place the magic water beads in a large container, fill with water & give them 2-4 hours to grow. It's as simple as that. Package includes: Huge 8oz Sooper Beads bulk water beads at wholesale price .

: Huge 8 oz. value pack of high quality crystal water beads - water gel beads [rainbow mix]

: Non-fade, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, non-flammable

: A great learning sensory toy for preschool kids to encourage processing skills

: Thousand of uses: Decoration, wedding centerpieces, baby showers, water table toys, plant decoration

: Ideal for growing bamboo plant, candle, silk & cut flower arrangements, centerpieces and more

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