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For recent years, TECHO is always trying to bring you smart convenience where you need it most. Such this Automatic Toilet Flusher. With This Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, your loved ones will be safer, you'll live better! Converts your toilet into Touchless Toilet Flush Kit without replacing the current toilet or toilet seat, manual handle works as well converter kit. Techo's touchless flushing system can retrofit your toilet into a more hygienic flush system at home. Simply wave then flush! No more germs spread! No more holding the handle down! This Touchless Toilet Flush Kit applies to Household, Ideal for Children, Disabled, Elderly.Keep your toilet hygienic and prevent cross-contamination. Advantages of Touchless Toilet Flush Kit: 1.Accurate & User-friendly System: Wide sensing distance to ensure high accuracy.Allow sensor-range and flush-time adjustment. 2.IP67 Waterproof: Function remains unaffected even when long-term exposure to water. Package of Touchless Toilet Flush Kit: 1 controller, 1 chain, 1 bracket, 1 foam pad, 1 label, 1 battery box, screw and 4 AA batteries. Principles of Touchless Toilet Flush Kit: Sensor controller connects with tank's flapper valve, the waterproof motor lifts and lowers flapper to motivate flush. It's very stable as the microwave-controlled sensor detects user's proximity to detection area and flushes when user leaves sensing range. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Contact us if you ever experience any trouble of Touchless Toilet Flush Kit! We dedicate to give our customers the better bathroom experience possible. Just read our reviews of this Touchless Toilet Flush Kit, you will know how magic it is.

: EFFORTCLESS UPGRADE:Upgrading into automatic flusher without replacing the current toilet or toilet seat, AND the manual handle will be still working as a backup. Automatically flush when hands waving over the detection range. A more sanitary way to flush hand using the handle.

: RELIABLE MOTION SENSOR: Minimizing phantom flush, Only activated when sensing motions within the detection range. Unaffected by the external environment.

: EASY-TO-INSTALL: Installs without other tools in 10 minutes. External battery pack design make it easier to replace the battery.

: ENERGY-SAVING: Powered by 4 AA batteries(included) which can activate up to 36,000 flushes.

: RIMINDERS:The kit DOESN'T FIT ALL TOILET TYPES! Only fits with most flapper and canister toilets, not for dual-flush/ ballcock valve/ top-mount flush and pressure-assist toilets! Contact us at once if you are not sure wether our product fit your toilets! Ideal for toddlers and elderly, useful aid for people with disabilities and a convenient helper in the night!

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