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An ideal fitness training tool, the Michael Phelps (MP) Focus Swim Snorkel from Aqua Sphere will help streamline your swim technique. What sets the Focus apart from other snorkels on the market is its unique triangular tube shape. In addition to its excellent hydrodynamic properties, the tube shape promotes a secure fit for the adjustable head bracket thus eliminating any side-to-side movement. The low-profile design instills good body alignment habits while the Silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece minimizes jaw fatigue. Whether your training for competition or recreation, make the most of your swim sessions with the MP Focus Swim Snorkel from Aqua Sphere. The MPS Focus Snorkels unique, low-profile, hydrodynamic tube reduces drag and eases breathing. When in use, the snorkel increases cardiovascular strength and lung capacity. The adjustable light weight head bracket with integrated cushion ensures comfortable fit. One-way purge valve positioned to maximize clearing of excess water. Snorkel strap is a split design for even tension that increases stability and the easy adjust buckles make for fast adjustability. Snorkel is available in multiple colors.

: Michael Phelps (MPS) Focus Snorkel

: Ideal Fitness Training Tool

: Michael Phelps (MP) Focus Swim Snorkel

: Helps Streamline Swim Technique

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