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Bubble Brothers - the practical hydroponic system that delivers professional results! Bubble Brothers deep water culture (DWC) systems are perfect whether you're a green-thumb or you're just "a little green" when it comes to hydroponics. Regarded as one of the easiest hydroponic methods, DWC self-contained systems are simple to operate, economical to maintain, and deliver all of the benefits hydroponic gardening is known for such as faster growth, bigger yields, and better flavors!Aeration is the key to DWC performance, which is why Bubble Brothers systems include a larger commercial pump and higher quality air stones than similar systems. Bubble Brothers outperforms similar units because these components provide the increased oxygenation and better diffusion that is truly needed to produce amazing plants in no time. The Bubble Brothers 6-site system accommodates six medium size plants and comes with high-quality clay-pebble grow medium. Complete instructions and hydro tips included!

: Bubble Brothers complete 6-site DWC hydroponic system by HTGSupply

: Includes: (6) Space-saving 3.5-gallon low-profile buckets, (6) 6" net-pot lids, (1) 951-gph high-power commercial air pump with 6-way divider, (6) larger 2" premium air stones, (1) 50' roll 1/4" air tubing

: Comes complete with 10-liter bag of high-quality clay pebble grow medium

: Electrical (air pump): 41 watts, .42 amps @ 120v

: Assembled buckets measure: 10-7/8" Tall x 12" Wide (each) ; Assembly instructions included

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