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Features: 1.Easy to operate and smooth appearance. 2.Flexible interface,wide application. 3.Portable and easy to carry. 4.Light touch switch,saving energy and power. 5.Indicator and sound reminding. 6.Quick or slow,volume adjustable. 7.Headset to fit the noisy environment. 8.Software control,stable and reliable. Function: 1.Wire tracking(able to track wires with exchanger,router n or off). 2.Wire verification(with 18 indicators,short circuit,broken circuit,crossing,etc.can be tracked) 3.Line status test. Specification: 1.Power specs:DC,9V laminated battery(not included) 2.Max. operating current:Emitter+-10mA; Receiver+-30mA 3.Signal transmission format:Multi-frequency pulse 4.Signal transmission format:Multi-frenquency pulse 5.Signal output level:8Vp-p 6.Signal tranjsmission distance: Applicable scope: Phone network line engineering;computer network engineering;Other metal wire line engineering. Package includes: 1 set emitter 1 set receiver 1 PC earphone 1 PC RJ11 adapter 1 PC RJ15 adapter 1 PC alligator clip adapter 1 PC Toolkit 1 PC User manual

: Please Note. Before you use the product to test or track cables, please make sure that the wires are in low-electricity or power-off condition(maximum currents for emitter and receiver are 10mA and 30mA respectively, and the maximum voltage is 24 V ), otherwise the item will get damaged. Besides, you may need two 9V laminated cell, which are NOT included in the packaging of this item.

: Multifunctional & Easy to Operate. It can trace not only Ethernet LAN wires, but also electrical and speaker wires when connecting to the alligator clip. In this situation, the wires must be in power-off status, otherwise the units will be damaged. There are only 2 buttons on the emmiter,FUNCTION SLECETING & FUNCTION SWTICHING, and 1 INCHING button on the receiver. The indicating words such as "SCAN" and "TEST" are clear and easy to identify.

: Convenient to Use. Wire Tracking: Connect the wire to the emitter through alligator clips. Select "SCAN". Emitter works properly if the indicator "STATUS" is on. Use the receiver to find target wires. No need of multi-testers. Network Cables Verifying: Plug one side of the cable into the emitter and the other side into the receiver. Select "TEST", the emitter works properly if the indicating light "VERIFY" is on. Determine circuit problems from numerous cables. No need of network tester.

: Low-Voltage Reminding & Energy Saving. Select "SCAN", the "STATUS" indicator and the "VERIFY" indicator will flash at the same time when the cell voltage is below 6V. It will automatically switch off while not using, which can prolong the service life of the cell to more than 50 hours.

: Additional Earphone & Equipped Lamp. In a noisy environment, you can put on the earphones to accurately find the target cable through comparing the strength of "beep beep" sound. Adjust the volume knob to make the volume proper and avoid being interfered. At night or in a dark environment, you can turn on the illuminating lamp, which can be helpful during operating.

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