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Peyou - Awesome Photography Accessories FAQ: 1.Where is the macro lens? The macro and wide angle lens are screwed together, which used for wide angle function. while the other lens is macro lens. 2.How to use the macro lens? When use the macro lens, please keep 1cm distance from the shooting object, too far will make the picture looks indistinct. 3.The expand scope for the wide angle, how is the effect? The wide angle lens expand the native viewing angle by 2X,it can enlarge 75 percent of the vision. 4.Will the Shooting Edge become deformed? Most of wide angle lens would deformed, but the further you take the picture, the less deformed it would be. And as long as lift up your phone when shooting, the vignetting areas will be reduced even disappear. Package Includes: - 1x 12x Telephoto Lens - 1x Fish Eye Lens - 1x 2 in 1 Macro and Wide Angle Lens - 1x Mini Aluminum Tripod - 1x Universal Phone Holder - 1x Telephoto Lens Holder Ring - 1x Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - 1x Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - 1x Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - 1x Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 - 1x Peyou Velvet Phone Bag - 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - 1x Remote Shutter Release Compatible with: For Samsung Galaxy Note 4 For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Samsung Galaxy S6 For Samsung Galaxy S5

: 【Great Picture Effect】:Novel optical design,ultra-long vision,high resolution and good color Reproduction have improved significantly the quality of pictures and the 12x telephone lens overcomes the shortcoming of the cellphone that can only take photos near-sighted

: 【Four Great Lenses in One Kit】:The telephone lens,fish-eye lens,macro and wide angle lenses give you arbitrary shooting choice to help you enhance your mobile photography.

: 【Wide range of uses】: It links to your phone to take photos and videos. If you It is also used for bird watching, watching wildlife or scenery, watching games of F1, football and basketball and so on.Overall,it is similar to monocular telescope.

: 【Easy to Carry and Install】:The volume of the camera lens kit is small and the weight of the camera lens kit is light.At the same time,we provide a beautiful velvet phone bag. You only make several steps (screw,fix) to install the camera lens kit that can shows two different uses.The tripod legs smoothly extend and retract so you can position your device more precisely.

: 【Peyou Package Includes】: 1 pcs 12x Telephoto Lens, 1 pcs Fish Eye Lens, 1 pcs 2 in 1 Macro and Wide Angle Lens, 1 pcs Mini Aluminum Tripod, 1 pcs Universal Phone Holder, 1 pcs Telephoto Lens Holder Ring, 4 pcs Hard Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6/ S5/ Note 4/ Note 3, 1 pcs Velvet Phone Bag, 1 pcs Bluetooth Remote Shutter

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