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E30-3 Series-(1990-92)E36-3 Series-(09/1993-99)E38-7 Series-(04/1999-01)E39-5 Series-(04/1999-03)E46-3 Series-(1999-06)E52-Z8-(2000-03)E53-X5-(04/2002-06)E60-5 Series-(2004-07)E60N-5 Series-(2008-10)E63-6 Series-(2004-07)E63N-6 Series-(2008-10)E64-6 Series-(2004-07)E64N-6 Series-(2008-10)E65-7 Series-(2002-08)E66-7 Series-(2002-08)E70N-X5-(07/2012-11)E71-X6-(07/2012-12)F15-X5-(2014-14)R50-Cooper-(2001-06)R52-Cooper S-(2004-08)R52-Cooper-(2004-08)R53-Coop.S JCW GP-(2001-06)R53-Cooper S-(2001-06)Z3-Z3-(1996-98)

: Product Description: 3 x BMW Genuine Hex bolt with washer - M8X30-ZNNIV SI

: It is used in AIR COND.COMPRESSOR-SUPPORTING BRACKET -- Air-conditioner compressor/mounting part -- ALTERNATORMOUNTING PARTS -- Belt drive for air cond & power steering -- Belt Drive Water Pump/Alternator -- Belt Drive-Vibration Damper -- CLIMATE COMPRESSOR SUPPOIt is backed by BMW Manufacturer Warranty: 24000 miles or 2 years

: Manufacturer Warranty: 24000 miles or 2 years

: Please see Product Description below for vehicle compatibility

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