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The STX Dehydrate 600W-SST, Model STX-DEH-600W-SST, 10 Tray Food and Jerky Food Dehydrator, Features 10 Stainless Steel \"Fine Mesh\" Trays and 600 Watts of Dehydrating Power. With overall dimensions of 19.0 \" Long X 12.5\" Wide X 13.75\" High, the STX Dehydrate 600W-SST will easily fit between most standard kitchen counter tops and the upper wall cabinets. The Beautiful Stainless Steel Front Door with its Counter Top Compatible \"Hinge less Design\" facilitates optimal heat retention while enabling food placement in space-challenged environments and providing maximum clean up access.

: Counter Top Compatible - Will Easily Fit Between Kitchen Counter and Upper Cabinets

: 11.8 Square Feet of Drying Area on the Racks and 1,055 Cubic Inches of drying area inside the unit

: 600 Watts of Heating Power with 5.5 Inch Rear Mounted

: Drying Heat to 85 - 155 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 - 70 degrees Celsius with 40 Hour Digital Timer

: All STX Products Include a 3 year - 100% - Fix or Replace Guarantee, Parts and Labor Included

: NOTE: User manual and Application guide has been uploaded in this page - kindly refer it and use the product

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