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The Mechanical Wooden Clock is a joy to build and own. The comforting sound and mesmerizing movement create a focal point in any room. With meticulously designed parts laser cut for accuracy, building a handcrafted wooden clock has never been easier. Along the way, you will learn what makes a wooden clock 'tick', from the graceful pendulum, through to the minute hand. Clear, well-illustrated instructions will guide you through the construction and tuning of your clock. Required to Complete (not included): Razor Saw, Wood Glue and Sandpaper, Counterweight Material, and Patience.

: BEAUTIFUL HANDCRAFTED DESIGN - After building this mechanical clock, you'll enjoy the unique beauty and mesmerising movement of the swinging pendulum and winding gears as a focal point in any room or office. Look at your clock with pride knowing that you have assembled the pieces, tuned and constructed it yourself. Perfect gift or decoration for a woodworker.

: DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECT - Get crafty with building your own DIY clock project. This clock requires expert-level assembly, but with the provided clear and well-illustrated instructions and some patience, you too can build an exquisite, wooden, handcrafted pendulum clock. This kit requires a razor saw, wood glue, sandpaper, and counterweight material to complete that are not included in the kit.

: QUALITY MATERIALS - The Mechanical Clock Kit has meticulously designed parts that are laser-cut for precision and accuracy. The wooden pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also fully functional. The body has dimensions of 250mm x 200mm x 50mm. Building a handcrafted clock is at your fingertips with this Mechanical Clock Kit.

: FUN PROJECT - This Mechanical Clock Kit does require patience to construct, but with the clear, easy-to-understand instructions and precise components that are included, the feat of making, tuning and tinkering this handcrafted pendulum clock set is both challenging and a lot of fun. Learn what really makes this clock tick along the way and about the power of gravity!

: FAMILY FUN - Building this mechanical clock kit can be fun for the family to complete together. The complexity of this kit will bring families together for hours to create something truly special to hang in the home. The process of sanding and the tick of the finished clock will soothe and relax you and your family. This model is fully functional when completed.

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