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General Electric's Nighthawk Sport series of replacement halogen headlamps are the ultimate solution to the danger of poor lighting conditions on the road. Producing brighter blue-white light for improved visibility and contrast, and easily installed by auto professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, this bulb is suitable for a wide variety of vehicle models and provides better performance than standard headlights, making it a must have for any driver experiencing dimming headlights, or simply interested in minimizing the chance of an accident due to poor visibility. Drive with confidence despite the fact that traffic levels generally drop at night, the fact remains that year after year nearly half of the total accidents that occur on U.S. roads and highways take place at night. Wherever these nighttime accidents occur, one factor is always the possibility of compromised and even poor road lighting conditions. This is why every motorist should consider GE's Nighthawk Sport series of auto halogen replacement bulbs. Blue-white Light for Better Contrast as GE's Nighthawk Sport headlamps produce clean blue-white light, resulting in both improved visibility and better contrast on the road than standard halogen headlamps can provide. Department of Transportation compliant, Nighthawk Sport bulbs are available in a variety of sizes making them usable on many different models of vehicles, ensuring motorists of maximum light on the road and confidence, regardless of driving conditions.

: Clean, blue-white light allows for more visibility and superior contrast in the dark

: DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant for street legal lighting

: Package includes 2 bulbs

: Available in a variety of sizes for many different models of vehicles

: Faint blue tint to headlight adds a touch of style to your car

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