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RIGHTEST BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST STRIPS, SIZE: 50 Manufacture: BIONIME USA CORP. SKU: 479311 The GS100 test strip applies patented precious metal electrodes which have excellent conductivity and catalytic effect. It is an excellent electro-transmission medium, and laboratory-grade electrode made cheap and affordable for disposable test strips. Working with GM100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System, the blood glucose level can be accurately measured in turn giving diabetes patients the most considerate care. Proven Reliable and Accurate Results Easy to Handle, Easy to Fill Test Strips Resluts Available in Seconds Test From Multiple Locations with Less Pain Using nano technology precious metal electrode, injection molding test strips, and non-wire design features, diabetes patients only need to take a minute amount of blood sample (less than 1.4µl) to perform a blood glucose test in a simple, convenient and safe manner.

: Injection molding test strips make the production quality very stable.

: Exclusive blade handle design. Easy to use.

: Safety design prevents the blood sample from contamination. No blood will get on your hands.

: Uses precious metal electrodes that have a superb electrochemical structure that can transmit the message quickly with minimum error.

: Only a minute amount of blood sample (less than 1.4µl) is needed for testing.

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