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***Massive discount on RRP*** The MiniBoom Bluetooth Speaker supplied by Henson Audio is a very small but very powerful portable Bluetooth speaker. Which produces a total of 6Watts of output backed up by two Bass reflective radiator speakers which give the MiniBoom loads of Bass for such as small speaker. This boost in Bass makes the speaker feel like it's producing more like 12Watts of output not 6Watts. All this produces a large and warm room filling sound, which is very impressive from such a tiny device. When we say tiny, we mean tiny. Weighing in at only 248 Grams And Measuring Only 104mm x 80mm x 63mm you can not get much more power out of such as small speaker. You'll be blown away! Connect to any Bluetooth enabled device such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony etc is easy and takes only seconds to do. Allowing you to play your music or your friends music on picnics, camping trips, out in the garden or slip it into your suitcase and take your music to the beach on holiday. Anywhere you wish for up to 5 Hours. The MiniBoom now comes with NFC (Near Field Communication), so any mobile phone that supports NFC technology can connect to the speaker by simply touching them together. A built in Microphone allows you to use your mobile phone to send and receive calls, Skype calls, FaceTime calls you name it. All from the one speaker. All in all Henson Audio are extremely proud to add the MiniBoom to our range. It is an amazing little speaker that will leave you speechless at what it can do, and is also much cheaper than other similar competitors. If you have any questions please send them over and one of our team will get back to you straight away.

: Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker With NFC Technology (Near Field Communication) - Removable Rechargeable 900mAh Lithium Battery Giving Up To 5 Hours Playing Time

: Light Weight And Very Portable Weighing Only 248 Grams And Measuring Only 104mm x 80mm x 63mm

: Small Yet Very Mighty Speaker Producing 6Watts From Two Tweeters And Backed Up By Two Passive Bass Radiator Speaker Which Produce A Warm Room Filling Sound From Such A Small Speaker

: Control All Functions From The Backlit Display On Top of the Speaker Or Directly From Your Bluetooth Device - AUX in Connection For Any Other MP3/4 Player

: Built In Microphone For Taking In Coming and Out Going Phone Calls from Your Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone, Skype Calls, Face Time Calls and more.

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