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Instructions: 1. Moisten the Orabrush with water 2. Extend your tongue 3. Gently BRUSH back and forth several times cleaning the entire tongue surface 4. Reach the SCRAPER towards the back of your tongue and gently scrape forward collecting the gunk generated from brushing (do not press too firmly, you may damage tongue tissue) 5. Rinse the brush with warm water

: Orabrush Tongue Cleaner 2pk

: Helps cure bad breath

: Ultra Soft micro-pointed bristles reach deep into the uneven areas of your tongue removing bad breath bacteria your toothbrush can't touch

: Toothbrush bristles are packed together in tight bunches to sweep the smooth surfaces of your teeth, not clean down into the crevices of your tongue were stinky gunk hides.

: Colors Vary

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