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How many times have you been backing out of your driveway or a parking spot only to have a little kid dart behind your automobile, seemingly out of nowhere? The HDE Waterproof Backup Camera is the perfect solution. This easily mounts to your car, truck or SUV's license plate area. Suddenly you have eyes in the back of your head! This camera features a 110° wide angle view, displays in color and also has IR Night Vision Illumination. Now you can see little Johnny dart from behind the bushes in the day light or you can see the crusty granola hipster in your local Whole Foods parking lot during the night time.

: Rear view, backup color camera with license plate mount and 7 LED night vision | Uses existing license plate holes for mounting

: High resolution CMOS 480 TV line camera | Super Wide 110 degree field of range with distance scale lines

: Waterproof and fog resistant | Durable and functional in any weather condition

: Low light capable seven LED illumination | LED lights provide visibility in most situations

: Adjustable swivel mount camera | Dimension 9.8" x 1.2" x 1.6"

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