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Enjoy remote access to most Sony α Alpha & NEX digital cameras with this wireless remote commander. This remote commander works with the following models: ILCA-99M2; ILCA-77M2; ILCA-77M2M; ILCA-77M2Q; SLT-A99; SLT-A99V; ILCE-7RM3; ILCE-9; ILCE-6500; ILCE-6300; ILCE-6300L; ILCE-7SM2; ILCE-7RM2; ILCE-7M2; ILCE-7M2K; ILCE-7S; ILCE-6000; ILCE-6000L; ILCE-6000Y; ILCE-7; ILCE-7K; ILCE-7R; NEX-5T; NEX-5TL; NEX-5R; NEX-6. Remote has limited functionality with the following models: NEX-5N; NEX-5NK; NEX-7; NEX-7K.

: Wireless remote control for most Sony α Alpha & NEX digital cameras (see list of compatible models below)

: Eliminate potential body shake and even put yourself in the picture

: Take pictures from a distance

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