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You can enjoy an incredible 110 hours of music on the move with the COWON X9 player from Cowon/iAudio and its lithium polymer battery. You can also enjoy 13 hours of video and read TXT files.The X9 displays ID3 Tag information, so you'll know exactly which artist, album and track you're listening to. The p JetEffect program 5 identifies 48 presets, including 4 customisable modes to suit different types of music. Please read notes before install the firmware 1. Please back up your data 2. The battery must be fully charged before upgrading firmware 3. Do not press the reset button during upgrading 4. Backup any important files from COWON X9 to your computer before upgrading 5. You must upgrade the supplied firmware from COWON SYSTEMS 6. Please make sure you are disconnecting device with "safely remove hardware" for safely disconnect your device and PC How to Install X9 Firmware V2.12 1. Download the firmware file in your PC and unzip it. 2. Connect COWON X9 to PC via USB cable. 3. Copy and paste the firmware file to the root folder of the device. 4. Click "safely remove hardware" icon in the tray at the lower right corner of your computer screen to disconnect the device from the PC. 5. Please check Settings > System > Information to firmware upgrade is done correctly.

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: IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to the product description section and the images for troubleshooting. Contact the seller / Amazon seller support for any issues and clarification

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