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Designed to accommodate 2.2 - 6 GPM pressure washers, the Blue Mule Power Wash Foam-All 20 is a machined stainless steel venturi injection system that quick connects to the trigger gun of a pressure washer.The system draws chemical concentrate from a nearby container, dilutes the concentrate to the required ratio, and applies the solution to any surface as wet, clinging foam in a fan pattern spray or zero degree stream (up to 25'). Metering tips provide for up to 21 dilution ratios.This hose end system can apply more aggressive chemicals since no chemical passes through the pressure washer pump, hose or trigger gun.Cleaning with foam has many advantages including: increased chemical contact time, increased coverage area, visual confirmation of coverage, and lower application pressure for delicate surfaces using the "soft-wash" technique. Together these factors save you time and money.Useful wherever a pressure washer is needed. Great for commercial or residential buildings, roof cleaning, truck trailers, carwashes, farm equipment, sanitizing, disinfecting, and more!Includes: Foam wand/injector, fan nozzle, zero degree nozzle, 1/4" quick connect plug, EPDM check valve,20 color-coded precision metering tips, and 10' chemical suction tube with strainer.

: Dilutes and applies cleaning chemicals as wet, clinging foam using a 2.2-6 GPM pressure washer.

: Machined from stainless steel with no inferior brass components. This heavy-duty foamer is made in the USA!

: This hose-end unit protects your equipment because no chemical passes through your pump, hose, or trigger gun.

: Includes a pattern foam nozzle for quick coverage and zero degree nozzle for increased range (up to 25' foam throw).

: To rinse, simply disconnect the entire assembly and replace your original nozzle.

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