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This Assured Performance 12v Bull Horn has a metal trumpet and a ABS motor shield. It is designed to with stand the outdoor elements. This horn produces the sound of the horns used in autos from many years ago-The "Bull Horn" Sound. This horn will work on any 12v system. Easy 2 Bolt mounting and a single positive lead wire (12v Positive). Measures: 7.5'' T x 5.5 W x 6.6'' D This purchase does not include wiring, inline fuse or switch. We do sell Horn switches in our AMAZON Store. This kit includes easy to read install instructions.

: Heavy Duty 12v Motor- Metal Trumpet - Last for Years/Decades

: Perfect for Car-Truck-SUV-RV-UTV --Anything 12v

: A Must for your Street Rod or Hot Rod

: Complete With Mounting Hardware and Install Instructions

: Assured Performance are products you can trust

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