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Just Apply our non-toxic Licelogic Clear & Free Lice Treatment Shampoo to start killing head lice and nits on contact. Massage into damp hair and scalp for 15 minutes. Make sure product makes contact with entire head of hair and scalp. Then Spray nits with LiceLogic Hair Nit Spray, and spray household items with our household lice spray to get rid of lice and nits on surfaces. Use our metal tooth lice and nit comb directly on shampoo to comb out dead lice and nits. Gently swipe comb through hair form base of scalp, from root to tip in one motion. Loosen shampoo with water as needed, and detangle hair with a regular comb or brush as needed, before using nit comb. Nit comb out the hair in small sections with lice comb and rinse and wipe nit comb in-between. LiceLogic was created by Jill Taft, a mom on a mission to provide the most effective and safe way to treat lice infestation without using harmful pesticides. All LiceLogic Products are pesticide free, refreshingly scented with essential oils, and can be used as often as needed, and are cruelty Free, Peta Approved and Vegan. Our lice expert approved LiceLogic Lice Treatment kit is proven to kill both lice and nits instantly without the use of pesticides. Safely, quickly, and effectively eradicate a lice infestation with our LiceLogic Treatment Kit. Pesticide free and enzyme based, it is everything you need to treat an entire family safely and thoroughly. Safe for daily use our treatment products can also be used as a precautionary measure to prevent lice after suspected exposure at any time, even if no head lice are initially detected on the head. An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to lice, so every parent of school aged children should keep this comprehensive Family Size head lice and nit treatment kit in the cupboard for peace of mind.

: NON TOXIC AND SAFE FAMILY SIZE LICE TREATMENT KIT: Pediatrician recommended and lice expert approved for children over the age of two, this non-toxic lice treatment kit contains no pesticides and is gentle enough for daily use by the whole family.

: KILLS LICE AND NITS ON CONTACT: Is enzyme Based and highly effective and pleasant to use

: 4 PIECE LICE KIT IS EASY TO USE: This kit has everything you need to treat an entire family multiple times, including concentrated Lice and Nit Killing Shampoo - 8 oz, All surface Lice Spray - 32 oz, Hair Nit Spray - 8 oz, and a Stainless Steel Metal Tooth Nit Comb

: CONCENTRATED FORMULA EFFECTIVE AGAINST SUPER LICE: Independently tested by a leading lice expert and shown to kill lice and nits in all stages of development

: TWO PLUS YEAR SHELF LIFE: Keep on hand in medicine cabinet, store out of direct sunlight and heat. Sold directly from LiceLogic the manufacturer, money back guarantee

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