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M2 HSS Cobalt Steel helps discipate heat, which is the killer of all drill bits, providing it with longer life and more durability.Suitable for processing non-ferrous metals (such as copper and aluminum), non metallic and ferrous metals (such as iron, steel and stainless steel).Self-centering 135 Degree split point starts on contact with no walking or skating and is designed for use in heavy-duty drilling applications.The cobalt construction allows this bit to cut through abrasive materials, like stainless steel and cast iron which are extremely tough on traditional high speed steel drill bits.The straight shank works in both keyed and key-less chucks.

: Main Color: Champagne Color; Material: M2 HSS, Cobalt

: Package Content: /

: Product Name: Jobber Drill Bit

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: Variation Theme: Size

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