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See-All inspection mirrors are excellent tools for searching under vehicles, machines and storage tanks. They simplify sweep searches underneath seats, counters, and other storage spaces. This becomes a necessity when searching for possible weapons, explosives, narcotics or other contraband. Easily safeguard stadiums, churches, auditoriums, airports, planes, movie theaters, offices, nightclubs, train stations and restaurants. The handy ergonomic mirror is easy to hold and use effectively. It hangs from your hand at the perfect angle, counterbalanced for long term use, with little or no fatigue. Protect the entrances to all secured areas by using See-All portable inspection mirrors. It is imperative to check under vehicles going into secured areas, such as military posts and government buildings. Whether they are used with a bomb squad, a drug search unit, or at a customs checkpoint, our mirrors do the job to help reveal contraband.

: Perfect for: trucks, cars, auditoriums, stadiums, hospitals, airplane cabins, churches, movie theaters, offices, nightclubs, train stations and restaurants

: Slip resistant PVC finger-grip handle

: Ergonomic chrome arm, which adjusts from 25" to 30"

: Acrylic convex mirror with a metal backer and ball swivel mount

: Lightweight, for easy handling

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