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Cats and dogs instinctively chew & eat grass to obtain vitamins, minerals and live enzymes provided by fresh, raw, whole foods. Unlike their undomesticated counterparts/relatives, indoor pets typically do not have access to a ready supply of healthy greens such as Pet Grass. If your pets are indoors only pets, Pet Grass gives them these vital nutrients they would otherwise miss, and may also prevent them from eating your houseplants. Dogs and cats that go outdoors will eat grass, but it has little or if any nutritional value. Your yard may also have been treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which could be harmful to your pets. Offering them Pet Grass is a safer, healthy alternative. Pet Grass may improve bad breath due to the high chlorophyll content found in wheatgrass. Pet Grass aids in digestion and hairball control. Both dogs and cats are fed high protein diets. Adding greens to their diets helps to balance the nutrients your cat and dog need for good health. Our Dog & Cat Pet Grass Kit contains 100% organic wheat. Cats can be finicky. So if at first your cat does not take to the Pet Grass, try spritzing it with water. In licking the water cats will often discover the grass and realize it is a treat. If your pet does not like the Pet Grass but you would like them to benefit from its nutritional properties, try chopping it up and adding it to their food.

: Includes: Three 4 inch X 4 inch growing trays with drain holes - Three Organic Soil Discs - Three Packs of pre-measured organic wheatgrass seeds - instructions

: Soil disc expands to exact amount of soil needed in seconds. Just add water.

: Wheatgrass grows fast - 5 days from planting to a healthy tray of grass for your pets

: Easy to grow - Unlike some other plants, wheatgrass is amazingly easy to grow

: Certified Organic - Non-GMO - Pets love grass - Keep your pets healthy

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