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General Pump Check Valves Kit 1 K01 Interpump Mi-T-M 70-0009 700009 EZ TP Pumps This Complete Valve Kit includes six O-rings and six check valves complete so, one kit services one pump. Kit fit the Following Pump Models: CW2004, CW2040, CW3040, T1011, T1321, T1505EBF, T1511, T1621, T2011, T2031, T721, T731, T9051EBF, T9051EBFUI, T9131, T9161, T921, T9211, T9281, T9711EBF, T9721, T9721B, T9721EBF, T9731, T9731B, T9731EBF, T97491, T991, T9951, T9971, TS1011, TS1021, TS1321, TS1511, TS1621, TS1711, TS1811, TS2011, TS2021, TS821, TT1505EBF, TT1540GBF, TT2021EBF, TT2028, TT2028EBF, TT2028GBF, TT2028GBFUI, TT2035, TT2035EBF, TT2035GBF, TT2035 GBFU, TT2035GBFUI, TT9051EBF, TT9061, TT9061EBF, TT9061GBF, TT9061GBFU, TT9961GBFUI, TT9071EBF, TT9071GBF, TT9071GBFU, TT9071GBFUI, TT9111, TT9111EBF, TT931, TT9351, TT941, TT9441 KIT INCLUDES: 701115 O-RING, .674 X .10 36200366 VALVE SEAT 36200176 VALVE PLATE 94737600 SPRING 36200251 VALVE GUIDE 36703201 VALVE ASSEMBLY Fits Interpump Models: W101, W131, W151, W201, W203, W912, W913, W916, W921, WS82, WS101, WS102, WS131, WS133, WS135, WS151, WS152, WS171, WS201, WS202, W52, W53, W70, W71, W72, W73, W91, W98, W99, W972, W973, W979, W995, W996, W997, WS137, WS149, WW141, WW161, WW935, WW944 Hotsy Part Number: 1-0001, 103001B, 8.702-798.0, 87027980, 1416

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