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The Dr Mercola Earthing Mat Kit is designed to help you benefit from natural earth energy daily no matter the weather or where you are. You may be wondering why connecting with earth energy is important? Or why you feel so refreshed after walking barefoot on the beach. The reason is simple. The earth gives off a constant flow of free electrons and when you walk barefoot these electrons are able to transfer to your body. This transfer of earth energy helps your body maintain its natural negatively-charged - or grounded - state which in turn helps support the systemic and physiological processes in your body and so promote good overall health. Unfortunately, our modern lives mean that we may have very little time or opportunity to go "barefooting" about, not to mention that weather conditions may not always be favorable for outdoor "earthing". As a result we miss out on this natural earth energy transfer and its multiple health benefits. But now, with the Dr Mercola Earthing Mat Kit, it is possible to safely and easily stay grounded whether you're at home, the office or in the gym or wherever there is a properly earthed power outlet. The Dr Mercola Earthing Kit has everything you need to simulate the art of "barefooting" including: a universal conductive mat (10" x 27"); conductive mat cover; 15 foot cord; plus an outlet checker so you can ensure the connection you plan on using is properly earthed and completely safe. Practicing the art of "grounding" has never been so simple with this premium choice of earthing mats. The Dr Mercola Earthing Mat Kit is perfect for people on the go. And can even help you get a truly peaceful - and grounded - night's sleep. So boost your overall health with a simulated dose of natural earth energy and enjoy the powerful benefits of grounding no matter the weather or where you are by ordering your Dr Mercola Earthing Mat Kit today.

: The exhilaration of a walk on the beach - with a grounding mat at home! The well-being you feel when walking barefoot on the Earth may have a simple scientific explanation - it transfers free electrons from the Earth into your body that spread throughout your tissues to keep your body at the same negatively-charged electrical potential as the Earth. This simple process is called "grounding," and you can do it anywhere with a grounding mat or earthing mat!

: Feel re-energized - Connecting to the Earth's free electrons is also called "earthing," and it's a bounty you can tap into anywhere and anytime (even indoors) with an earthing mat from Dr. Mercola. A grounding mat can help improve your energy levels by re-connecting your body to the electron energy of the Earth, which is the best possible source of abundant free electrons - and the ball of your foot is one of the most potent conductivity points on your body!

: Reduce your stress, improve your sleep - Elite athletes use earthing mats to enhance performance, and a grounding mat can improve yours too! Your body is somewhat conductive (with electrons carrying electrical energy from cell to cell) because it contains large numbers of charged ions within blood and body fluids. An earthing mat can help optimize the electrical fields that are essential for many systemic/physiological processes in your body.

: Connect to to the earth and feel better - A high-quality earthing mat is a simple and inexpensive health intervention with no downside! Tapping into the free electron energy of the Earth with a grounding mat has profoundly improved many people's lives. You can not only reduce the insulation between you and the Earth caused by rubber or plastic soles, but also have a great excuse to ditch your shoes once in a while - when earthing, shoes stay on the sidelines - barefoot is the way to go!

: Try the quality of Mercola - risk free! The purchase of Dr. Mercola's top-quality Earthing Mat comes with his 30-Day Unopened Return Protection! In the event you find something elsewhere, change your mind, or give the item as a gift, you can return it with no hassle. But we're very confident that you will be incredibly happy not only with your grounding mat, but also with this unique opportunity to step into the world of earthing products for better health!

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