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Cut Circles and Strips in No Time! You can cut dozens of rectangular border pieces for a window in minutes, then switch to scoring a perfect circle with this handy circle and strip cutter. It quickly converts from one job to the other simply by switching bases. Circle Cutter scores perfect circles from 3" to 25" in diameter. Calibrated T-bar cuts strips from 1/2" to 12" in width. Use it to cut borders, rectangles, squares, diamonds and even trapezoids. Versatile tool is ideal for all types of glass art. Use it in mosaics to cut stained glass strips.

: PERFECT CIRCLES - Cut circles from 3"" to 25"" diameter.

: CALIBRATED T-BAR - Cuts strips from 1/2" to 12" in width.

: VERSATILE TOOL - Ideal for all types of glass art.

: SCORE GLASS - Turret contains six high-quality cutting wheels.

: CUTS MULTIPLE SHAPES - borders, rectangles, squares, diamonds, trapezoids, circle, ect.

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