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Product Description Kit Includes: ♦ 1) Zeikos - Deluxe Universal 5" LCD Screen Protectors ♦ 2) Vivitar - VIVITAR Professional Remote Control For All Tripods 8 Button Function Remote Control Specifications For CANON Video Camcorders With a LANC Terminal For SONY Video Camcorders With a LANC Terminal IN ORIGINAL BOX FULL FACTORY WARRANTY 8 Button Function Remote Control Tripod This Remote Control can be mounted on any tripod Power On / Off Zoom In / Out Photo Record Zoom Speed Focus On Screen Display Search Vivitar's 8 Button Remote Control is compatible with digital video cameras that have LANC or A/VR jacks. Just connect the remote using either the LANC port or the A/VR port and the included A/VR cable and you're good to go. Once connected the remote enables a number of functions, including: zoom speed control, power of the LCD screen, a video search function, focus control for an artistic effect, zooming from wide to telephoto ranges, photo capture, power, and of course, the record button to start and stop recording. The remote also features a tripod grip for secure attachment. 1. Tripd Grip: Allows you to securely attach the remote to your tripod 2. Screen: Turns your camcorder's LCD display screen on or off 3. Zoom speed: Allows you to choose how quickly or slowly your camcorder zooms 4. Focus: Pressing the focus button focuses and blurs your video for a desired effect 5. Search: Rewinds and forwards through your video 6. Zoom: Zooms your camcorder between wide angle and telephoto ranges 7. Record: Starts or stops video recording 8. Photo: Takes a still picture 9. On/Off: Turns your camcorder on or off


: 8 Button Function Remote Control Tripod

: Power On / Off < Zoom In / Out < Photo < Record

: Zoom Speed < Focus < On Screen Display

: Deluxe Universal 5 Inch LCD Screen Protectors

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