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High frequency beauty device, known also as D'Arsonval or Darsonval machine, is used widely in cosmetology practice. High frequency portable face massager helps with acne, pimples, skin irritation. High frequency (D'Arsonval) apparatus is used for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction because of ability the high frequency electricity to increase blood circulation and supply skin with oxygen. High frequency electrical current will help with hair loss by blood circulation in hair follicle, which is the major reason of hair thinning. D'Arsonval portable beauty machine is for those who want: - Improve skin complexion (high frequency beauty device will tight the skin) - Get rid of acne, whelks and pimples (high frequency beauty device will kill the bacteria) - Reduce under the eye bags and dark circles (high frequency beauty device will stimulate lymph and blood circulation) - Reduce cellulite (high frequency beauty device will help to deliver the oxygen and remove toxins) - Prevent and stop hair loss (high frequency beauty device will stimulate hair follicle). POWER SUPPLY: US PLUG, 110VCONDITIONS WHERE TREATMENT IS CONTRAINDICATED (absolute): cancer, acute infectious disease and fever, nausea, dysfunction or disorders of the nervous system, drink or drugs, inflammatory disease, pregnancy, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure\heart disease, pacemakers, hemophilia, phlebitis and thrombosis. HIGH FREQUENCY LOCAL CONTRAINDICATIONS: cuts and abrasions, vascular conditions and hypersensitive skin, hairy areas, metal fillings (excessive) or heavy bridge work, metal pins or plates, sinus blockages, skin disorders/diseases, infections, sunburn, headaches/migraine, new scar tissue or growing bones (less than 12 months old), if you have any other health conditions you are under the doctor supervision - consult your physician.

: NEW SPA High Frequency Skin care device is an excellent tool for anti acne treatment

: skin tightening

: sebum regulation, hair loss prevention

: lymph drainage (reduce puffiness)

: The kit includes: HF wand, 4 NEON glass electrodes, Manual. Please note that COMB electrode does not glow as bright as the other ones.

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