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NTK Oxygen Sensors 25679 OE Type 4-Wire A/F Sensor Oxygen (O2) Sensors are used in modern automobiles to control the fuel and ignition systems to optimize a car&#8217s performance in the areas of emissions and fuel economy. Sensors are located before and after the catalytic converter to check on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The sensor sends signals to the car&#8217s on-board computer, which then can adjust several variables, including air/fuel ratio and timing, in order to bring the engine into the optimum operating range.Each NTK Oxygen (O2) Sensor isExtensively Tested During Manufacture to Guarantee Quality and ReliabilitySupplied With a Factory-Fitted OEM Connector for Easy InstallationPrecision manufactured with a sensing element incorporating NTK&#8217s premier technical ceramicsOxygen (O2) Sensors should be tested at each tune-up. Failed or worn out oxygen sensors can causeFailed Emission TestsIncreased Fuel ConsumptionFailed Catalytic ConvertersPoor DriveabilityIncreased Emissions

: 4 Wire Non-Flanged original equipment identical oxygen sensor, direct plug in, no cutting or splicing. 15.75" (400mm) wire length.

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