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YOU CAN MAKE STONE VENEER LIKE THAT PICTURED FOR PENNIES EACH! --- AND SAVE $50.00 ON THIS COMPLETE 5-SET COMPARED TO INDIVIDUAL SETS! Make hundreds of 1.5" thick stone veneer from each mold, as they are made with .060 H.I. Industrial ABS material for flexibility, durability and long life. The molds you receive will probably be "black" in color. Many photos illustrate our molds in white because white tends to photograph better, and we have used white plastic periodically. NO KILN or special equipment is necessary. And products can be made for from twenty-eight to sixty cents per square foot, depending on the thickness desired. - This listing is for: Five sets of all different "Olde Drystack Ledgestone" Molds, ODL-86 - Each set covers about four square feet, of area depending on spacing. You are saving about twenty-dollars by buying this set of 86 molds together, versus the shipping costs of five single sets. Single sets are also available on Amazon should you have a smaller project and not need that large a selection. - The mold sheet pictured will be cut apart into smaller groups of molds for shipping, and ease of handling when making your stone. Complete FREE INSTRUCTIONS are included, and we are an email away should you need support. We also have a website with FREE information and instructions that you can consult. - You can make Ledgestone like that pictured in the photos for pennies each! Most photos of projects in our listings and on our websites were made with our molds by customers who had never worked with concrete or molds before. They used bags of pre-mix concrete to make their stone, some concrete color, which is available in our store, and followed our simple instructions. You can also use plaster for interior work if you'd like. It's that easy! - Save Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars on your next project. They Did! - It's as easy as making a cake. But no oven is needed!

: MAKE THIS STONE VENEER FOR PENNIES EACH... and SAVE hundreds to thousands of dollars on your next project.

: HERE'S HOW EASY IT IS TO DO: Lubricate molds with light vegetable oil or mold release if available.

: Mix a bag of concrete per the instructions and add color, unless you want gray stone, then pour into molds.

: Vibrate lightly to release air then let them sit over night undisturbed... pop out stones after about 24 hours!

: Complete detailed Instructions are included with purchase, plus email and website support for life!

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