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23 Piece Cleaning Kit Includes: - 3 Mini End Brushes: for cleaning the inside fluid tip and air cap or any area that requires a smaller stiffer brush. - 1 Aluminum Holder: for Mini End Brushes - 5 Piece Mini-Brush Set: give you size and brush firmness options for cleaning the center hole and horn holes of the air cap, fluid tip, baffle and other small passages. - 1 Firm Metal Tube Cleaning Brush: for Gun Body-air and fluid passages. - 3 Sizes of Flexible Tube Cleaning Brushes: for cleaning the fluid and air inlets, Gun Body-air and fluid passages, gravity cup outlet, and suction cup tube. - 6 Micro Needle Picks: to remove the needle packing, air cap retaining ring clip, internal gun seals, and cup gasket. - 1 Aluminum Holder: for Micro Needle Picks - 1 Large General Purpose Brush: for areas such as the gun body, cup, air cap and ring, trigger, and gun controls. - 1 Bottle of Spray Gun Lubricant: for use after the gun has been cleaned. - 1 Compartmentalized Storage Case

: The Ultimate Cleaning Kit that's ideal for cleaning all types of Spray Guns such as Suction, Gravity, Pressure Feed, Detail, HVLP, as well as Airbrushes

: Includes all brushes and components needed for cleaning every gun part

: 3 Mini End Brushes and Holder, 6 Micro Needle Packs and Holder, 5 Piece Mini-Brush Set

: 3 Sizes of Flexible Tube Cleaning Brushes, 1 Firm Metal Tube Cleaning Brush, 1 Large General Purpose Brush

: 1 Bottle of Spray Gun Lubricant, 1 Compartmentalized Storage Case

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