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How It Works The Balcony Gard is a low-profile bird control device that uses ultrasonic sound waves (silent to most humans, high-pitched and irritating to birds) to force away unwanted pest birds & small animals. The emitted sounds annoy pest birds & drives them away to areas that are more calm & untreated. Both motion-activated and continuous operation modes allow for easy operation & minimal maintenance. Pests Repelled The Balcony Gard works to deter pigeons, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, swallows, grackles, ducks, seagulls and gulls, rodents, bats, & more! Where to Use This ultrasonic device is perfect for small, covered outdoor areas up to 900 sq. ft. The Balcony Gard is ideal for balconies, porches, carports, patios, yards, garages, small pool areas, greenhouses, enclosed gardens, & more! Installation To install the Balcony Gard simply mount the device upon any surface. Uses either batteries or included 50 ft cord. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to see the full effect of the unit; behavior modification can take time.

: BEST-SELLING Residential Electronic Bird Repeller. Sound Pressure-90 dB at 1 meter. Frequency Range-15 to 25 kHz (adjustable). Working Current-less than 200 mA

: Adjustable settings, offers up to 900 square feet of coverage

: Silent to most humans, safe, humane, easy to operate, and effective; harmless to children and pets

: Battery operated with A/C option--includes 50-foot extension cord

: Keeps pest birds off your balcony, porch, or deck!.Please refer user manual attached below for instructions and troubleshooting steps

: BEST-SELLING Residential Electronic Bird Control Device

: Efficiently works to deter pest birds

: Eliminates clean-up, damage caused by birds

: Humane and harmless to children and pets

: Effective coverage in covered areas up to 900 sq. ft.

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