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The Ravelli AVT is a solid tripod for camera and video weighing nearly 10lbs. It will support large equipment up to 16lbs. The head of the tripod uses a highly viscous gel between moving parts to dampen movement. Between uses, the gel can become tacky and make initial movements jerky. Once moving again, the gel provides dampened, somewhat fluid movement. The horizontal panning comes set from the factory for heavy video equipment but three tensioning screws mounted under the head allow the panning tension to be eased for lighter items. The vertical panning is much stiffer and is more of a "set and forget" function rather than fluid vertical panning. But it is actually convenient if you are attempting to lock vertical movement and focus on horizontal panning. The legs end in rubber feet with retractable metal spikes. The center column is gearless and adjustable. The unit includes a padded carry bag. An allen wrench is included to adjust the head and leg locks and is located in the pocket of the carry bag. The leg locks are flip type as opposed to twist. They are all mounted horizontal making it possible to open all of them at once. The head of the unit includes a single quick release plate. The head has dual handles. It is possible to remove either handle for single right or left hand operation.

: Supports Camera and Video Equipment up to 16lbs

: Three Adjustable Leg Sections with Horizontal Flip Locks

: Padded Foam Grips On Two of the Three Legs

: Height Adjustable Gearless Center Column

: Quick Release Plate and Dual Control Handles

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