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CMS Magnetics rare earth magnets are made of high quality neodymium magnetic material, which makes them up to 12 times stronger than ceramic magnets of the same size. Neodymium magnets are extremely versatile because of their strength and can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from holding things onto your fridge to the most demanding industrial applications. These magnets are patent licensed. They are axially magnetized so the north and south poles are on the flat surfaces. They will never lose their holding power unless they are heated up to 176 degree Fahrenheit. PLEASE NOTE: All magnets are brittle and will chip and shatter if they are allowed to collide with each other or onto a magnetic surface. Keep away from pacemakers and children under 5 years old.

: Very Powerful Magnets Made of Grade N45 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnetic Material

: Internal Gauss Rating is 13,500 Gauss. Each Magnet has 8.3 Pound Holding Power with Direct Touch and Direct Pull

: Ni Cu Ni Triple Layer Coated, the Best Coating Available, which Provides a Shinny and Rust Resistant Protection for the Magnets

: High Quality Magnets Made under Strict Quality Control System, i.e. ISO 9001 Standard

: Lots of Applications for Home and Work. You can Use Them to Hold Items on RVs or Boats, Keep Items Organized in Garage and Work, Use them for Kids' Science Education or Projects, Invention, Crafting, Magnetic Therapy or Hobbies

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