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This 0.5x focal reducer increases the area imaged by your StarShoot G3 or G4 camera by a factor of 4. The reducer threads into the nosepiece of either StarShoot G3 camera to effectively reduce the focal length of the telescope by half. The larger imaging area allows capture of larger starfields and deep-sky objects that may not fit entirely in your telescope's normal field of view. The reducer has a two-element lens design, with antireflection coatings on all air-to-glass lens surfaces. The lenses are set in an anodized aluminum cell that is threaded to accept 1.25" filters.

: 0.5x focal reducer for StarShoot G3 or G4 imaging cameras increases imaging area by a factor of 4.

: Wider imaging area allows capture of larger starfields or deep-sky objects.

: Fully coated two-lens design

: Works with Orion StarShoot G3 or G4 Color and StarShoot G3 or G4 Monochrome cameras

: Rugged anodized aluminum cell threads directly into the camera nosepiece

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