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Star Wars: X-Wing - Slave IOriginally intended as a prisoner transport, the Firespray-31 gained notoriety through association with some of the galaxys most fearsome pirates and bounty hunters, including the infamous Boba Fett. Just like Fett, the Slave I Expansion Pack for X-Wing is full of deadly surprises. The Slave I Expansion Pack allows players to take advantage of the Fire spray's versatile armament and heavy armor plating, as well as a host of lethal new upgrades. Imperial players can choose to arm this star fighter with a range of missiles, ion cannons, heavy laser cannons, and bombs. Slave I comes with a detailed miniature, four pilot cards, thirteen upgrades, and all requisite tokens. New rules and a new mission further expand your games of X-Wing.

: Pilot a detailed miniature Slave I in your games of X-Wing

: Four pilots and thirteen upgrades allow you to command Boba Fett, a versatile arsenal of weapons, and more

: Expansion introduces new rules for large starships

: Includes all necessary tokens and components

: Accurately reproduced at the same 1/270 scale as the other X-Wing starships

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