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We live in a world ridden with conflict. Everyone knows about it and only a select few have any motivation to do anything about it. In general, people stick to their point of view believing that everyone else is wrong and most never stop to consider that each individual acts upon their "right way", that is, their individual values. This misunderstanding in society of the way we think, not what we think, or how we think, leads to conflict which manifests in Personal relationships, Business relationships, Community struggle and even conflicts at the Global level which have the capacity to lead to war. There are many ways we can demonstrate resilience and take action to fix in the world but we cannot fix anything unless we understand how the world is constructed. There are eight different ways of relating to the world and those are called Values Levels. Each seems to pertain to a certain stage in the evolution of society and simultaneously the evolution our mind, thinking and thus our consciousness. This book is about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through more importantly, how to negotiate the difference between where we are and where we are going. How does one recognize that people are not necessarily wrong but maybe less complex in their approach to life's challenges? We appeared to live in the world of plenty and in a short period of a decade we have moved into a world of scarcity. We used to get along with each other and in the blink of an eye we have changed into a society broken down in many groups with divergent aspirations and motivations. If we continue down this path where will we end? There are at least two possible foreseeable futures. We can destroy ourselves or we can reach a new level of complexity in our society where we can find also a new level of consciousness. Is it our destiny to grow beyond the boundaries of our current situation? This book is about this and much, much more!

: Consciousness

: Conflict

: Resilience

: Transform the Planet

: Business & Money

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