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5 Core Outdoor Speaker Wired Waterproof System 2 Pieces Wall Mounted Indoor Outside Patio Backyard Surround Sound Home Exterior Window 2 PCS

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  • ✅ Designed for indoor or covered area – 5 Core quality speakers can be mounted in spaces like: by the corridors/classrooms/ boardrooms, under your patio, in the garage, on your bar, sitting area; regardless of placement they will deliver Extraordinary Sound. These speakers are specialised for announcement or public addressing purposes.
  • ✅ Optimized Expansive dispersion of sound– 20 watts synchronized harmony of 5 Core Speakers with 1 speaker to create a state of accurate acoustic dispersion with clear and crisp sound for purposes like announcements, speech in offices, classrooms, schools colleges. This speaker can be used for low noise background music over your place.
  • ✅ Easy Installation– versatility is in its design; 5 Core speakers can be easily mounted in a matter of seconds and provide you range of High Fidelity Sound/ Acoustics.
  • ✅ Weather Resistant – these speakers are made for Every Season; they are coated with a UV resistant paint and placed inside an ABS enclosure protecting it from the elements and preserving sound integrity.
  • ✅ Guaranteed high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts including excellent customer service.
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Steel Column - 30T Features: · Sleek metallic cabinet in grey and white texture for an elegant look. · Acoustically designed speaker for best indoor and outdoor performances. · Array of Speakers radiating forward Sound Beam for wider audience coverage · Fine quality “Lycra” cloth for dust proofing · Heavy duty clamp to hold the column in extreme climatic condition. · LINE MATCHING TRANSFORMER (LMT) for proper uniformity in sound in the array of speakers. · Custom-made design suitable for professional use and produces soothing sound. · For indoor & outdoor applications such as in Halls, Auditorium, Airport Lounge, Bus Station, Railway Station. · Weather-resistant for use under roof. Technical Specifications: 5C- 30T Input Power 30W RMS Impedance/Voltage 8Ω 100V Frequency Response 50 Hz - 20 KHz SPL at 1kHz 95dB/1W/1m Speaker 4 - (6” x 4”) Taping 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W
Sold By:
5 Core Inc

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