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Compatible models: CQ57-212NR (LW443UA) CQ57-214NR (LW439UA) CQ57-217NR (A7A59UA) CQ57-218NR (LW442UA) CQ57-229WM (LW437UA) CQ57-310US (QE319UA) CQ57-314NR (QE325UA) CQ57-315NR (QE326UA) CQ57-319WM (QE321UA) CQ57-339WM (QE264UA) CQ57-386NR (A7A56UA) CQ57-410US (A7A49UA) CQ57-439WM (A7A54UA) CQ57-489CA (A7A61UA) CQ57-489WM (A7A60UA) CQ57-310 CQ57-311 CQ57-314 CQ57-229wm CQ57-214nr CQ57-310us 2000-104CA (LV987UA) 2000-120CA (LP851UA) 2000-130CA (LP825UA) 2000-140CA (LP852UA) 2000-150CA (LP826UA) 2000-151CA (LP853UA) 2000-208CA (QC190UA) 2000-210US (LW365UA) 2000-211HE (LW368UA) 2000-216NR (LW430UA) 2000-217NR (LW431UA) 2000-219DX (LW428UA) 2000-224CA (QC192UA) 2000-227CL (LW370UA) 2000-228CA (QC191UA) 2000-239DX (LW433UA) 2000-239WM (LW371UA) 2000-240CA (QA076UA) 2000-250CA (LW372UA) 2000-299WM (QE282UA) 2000-300CA (A2Z17UA) 2000-320CA (A1V20UA) 2000-329WM (QE334UA) 2000-340CA (A1V21UA) 2000-350US (QE279UA) 2000-351NR (QE340UA) 2000-352NR (QE292UA) 2000-353NR (QE342UA) 2000-354NR (QE290UA) 2000-355DX (QE336UA) 2000-356US (A5F12UA) 2000-358NR (QE343UA) 2000-361NR (A5F13UA) 2000-363NR (QE291UA) 2000-365DX (QE121UA) 2000-369NR (QE346UA) 2000-369WM (QE339UA) 2000-370CA (A1V26UA) 2000-373CA (A1V28UA) 2000-379WM (QE284UA) 2000-400CA (A7U29UA) 2000-410US (A6Z99UA) 2000-412NR (A7A73UA) 2000-416DX (A7A78UA) 2000-417NR (A7A75UA) 2000-420CA (A7U27UA) 2000-425NR (A7A79UA) 2000-427CL (A7A70U) 2000-428DX (A7A80UA) 2000-450CA (A7T86UA) 2000-453CA (A7T89UA) 2000t-300 CTO 2000z-100 2000z-300 2000z-400 G4-1010US (LF627UA) G4-1011NR (LF169UA) G4-1012NR (LF170UA) G4-1015DX (LF153UA) G4-1020US (LF629UA) G4-1021CA (LF171UA) G4-1022CA (LF172UA) G4-1051XX (LL677AS) G4-1104DX (LW233UA) G4-1107NR (LW340UA) G4-1117DX (LW338UA) G4-1117NR (LW234UA) G4-1118NR (LW341UA) G4-1125DX (LW342UA) G4-1135DX (LW344UA) G4-1137CA (LW231UA) G4-1164CA (LY105UA) G4-1167CA (LY104UA) G4-1204NR (QE044UA) G4-1207NR (QE137UA) G4-1213NR (QE134UA)

: Alternative Compatible Part Numbers: 645893001 646125001 697529001 698694001 640892-001 633183-001 636191-001 636376-001 643263-001 6037B0059101 697529-001 645893-001 646125-001 698694-001 2B-41701Q100 55011JR00-289-G 9Z.N6WSV.001 AER15U00010 NSK-CG0SV SG-46600-XUA

: 100% Brand New and High Quality, Compatibility Guaranteed, 1 Year Warranty

: Please check the pictures and description carefully to make sure this keyboard is compatible with your laptop before purchasing

: If you have SPILLED LIQUID in your keyboard, make sure that the keyboard connector on the motherboard IS NOT CORRODED before you replace it.

: Package Includes: 1x New Laptop Keyboard, Ribbon Cable Included. Installation instructions are not included.

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