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When you see streaking in your work, it's time to refill your marker. One bottle of Copic Various ink will refill a Ciao marker 13 times, Sketch 8-10 times, Copic 7-9 times, or Wide markers 5-6 times. Simply match the color number with your marker color number; each ink will refill any of Copic's marker lines. The bottles are easy to use, either with the handy booster, or by dabbing the ink directly onto the nib. Use Copic tweezers to remove the nib, making refilling even faster.Features:3 year Guaranteed Shelf-Life300+ colors (Includes over 40 Gray Tones)Alcohol Based InksGuaranteed Color ConsistencyCustom Mix colorsPermanentUniversal ColorsMeasures Marked on BottleAngled Tip for Easy ApplicationNon-toxic, Dries Acid-FreePhotocopy Safe (won't dissolve toner)Empty Bottles AvailableCleans up with Rubbing Alcohol

: Contains 25CCs of color

: Fills Ciao up to 15 times and Sketch up to 12 times

: Fills original Copic up to 9 times and Wide up to 7 times

: Available in 358 colors

: Or mix and save your own color in empty Various bottles

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